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The Junction City Education Association is committed to representing the professionals of USD 475. JCEA works to enhance teaching and learning, secure members' rights, and promote a partnership of community and educators.

JCEA Endorses School Board Candidates:


School boards are elected to represent the community interests ensuring that public education meets the needs of the community and focuses on achievement.  In order to accomplish the task, members need to be accessible to the public at large.

Junction City Education Association, following protocol for interviewing and selecting candidates for endorsement, sent all candidates for the Geary County USD475 Board of Education a questionnaire about their educational stances.  Only candidates who return the form are granted an interview for possible endorsement.  Only three candidates returned the questionnaire: Rina Neal, Sarah Talley, and Stephanie Holloway.   

After reviewing their backgrounds and responses to the interview questions, JCEA is recommending Stephanie Holloway for the two year position and Rina Neal and Sarah Talley for four year positions.  They have the educational and business backgrounds to navigate the challenges facing our school board as it addresses student achievement, fiscal responsibility, and planning for the future.  In addition, Talley, Holloway, and Neal have demonstrated a willingness to engage and discuss the educational issues facing our community.   JCEA believes this openness to communicate will create a responsible and responsive school board for our students, parents, and community. 


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